The Holy War

September 8th, 2017. The crowds at school are the typical multicolored mess, but today is different. There is an extra amount of blues and reds; a sure sign of something coming. The big game. For those in red, an easy win, a legacy to continue. For blue, it is a game full of prayers, hoping for some kind of miracle.

The BYU vs. Utah game. The time that, once a year, brother turns to enemy. The game that means the world to the fans, but makes no sense to others. When asked what he thinks of the game, Chase Belnap, a student who grew up outside of Utah, said, “I don’t really see the big deal.” So what makes the game so important?

The Holy War began over 95 years ago, and the fire seems to be just as hot as it was at the first game. The friendly fire of our valley. While watching the game, I heard the commentator say that people only care about their own rivalry, whether it be high school, college, or professional. This game is so important to us, that winning doesn’t even matter. With Utah coming out of this last game with a 7 year winning streak, it still ended in a friendly pat on the back between coaches. It’s all for fun, and despite some anticlimactic endings, we will continue to root for our teams, at least until we are in college, and we root for another team. As Lily Doyle commented, “at least we got spirit.”

So the game is over for another year, and Utah won again, and you won’t hear about it until they play again. Whether the streak continues or whether the pendulum swings the other way, I hope you all enjoyed your game, and won’t let any arguments caused by the rivalry break your friendships apart. Have a great year.