Netflix movies worth watching

It’s Monday night and you’re stuck doing homework. Your hand is cramping from writing, and the words in your textbook are starting to look blurry. It’s time to put off that homework and instead do something much more productive: watch some Netflix.

Netflix is known for their wide variety of shows and movies alike, with a library so big it would take countless hours to watch it all. Binge-watching is common on Netflix, and finishing your favorite show in one sitting is all too easy. But, on a school night, it’s less of a commitment to instead try an hour or two long movie. From cult hits to animated favorites, here are five popular movies you should watch on Netflix:

  1. Forrest Gump:

Tom Hanks plays as Forrest Gump, a man with a low I.Q. and a heart of gold. This classic movie features all of Gump’s successes, from founding a seafood restaurant, to serving in Vietnam, to running across the country. Through his retelling of his life to total strangers, it would appear he has it all. But, as the movie’s element of romantic conflict would call for it, Forrest struggles to get one thing: his childhood sweetheart, Jenny.

  1. The Waterboy:

This comedy features crude humor and a Adam Sandler playing a stuttering, loveable water boy. Bobby Boucher was satisfied as the football team’s water boy, until he’s introduced to something more: a position on the football team. The Waterboy follows Boucher as he navigates his way through football, introducing us to ridiculous characters along the way. For those who want a movie where using any brain cells isn’t required, Waterboy is the way to go.

  1. Rogue One

Highly popular Star Wars spin-off Rogue One is available to Netflix. Follow Jyn and Cassian at your own leisure while you watch this ragtag group of rebels race against time. Enjoy not-so-subtle references to the previous Star Wars movies and the familiar sci-fi feel of a George Lucas film.

  1. Sing:

One of the movies in 2016 to feature anthropomorphic animated animals, Sing is available to stream on Netflix. Now, you can sing along without embarrassing yourself at the movie theater. This feel-good kid’s movie will leave you with a smile on your face and catchy songs stuck in your head.

  1. Finding Dory:

Join Nemo and gang in the wonderful sequel to Finding Nemo. Instead of swimming across the ocean to find his son, in Finding Dory Marlin will jump into a whole new world to help Dory find her family. Ellen Degeneres plays the loveable blue tang Dory as she searches for her long-lost parents.