One Republic Concert

Kayla Miller, Editor-in-Chief

Music blasts through the summer air as people of all ages fill empty seats. The beautiful unity a music group brings to so many of us can easily be experienced by going to a local concert. Recently, OneRepublic had a concert in West Valley, at the Usana Amphitheater. OneRepublic is a high energy pop band, and has been together for 15 years. Accompanied by many lights and an extraordinary performance given by the band members, the music echoed throughout the audience. Ryan Tedder, a guitarist for the band, shared many personal experiences and trials that all together connected the listeners to the music more than they ever had been before.

The band was formed in Colorado Springs, in 2002. The lead singer (Tedder) and another guitarist by the name of Zach Filkins formed the band together. They first received commercial success by doing an unsigned Myspace act. Everyone gets their start from somewhere, and that is what lead them to the success they obtain now. The group now has seven band members, five more than they had to start with. Ryan Tedder has a Grammy, and the band has won Band of the Year from the Eska Music Awards, as well as many other awards, accomplishments, and nominations.

The raging sounds coming from all kinds of instruments in the concert blared through the amphitheatre, causing an uproar of excitement from the crowd. The togetherness of so many people brought a joy and adrenaline rush to the concert that created a more intense, lively experience to all those attending. The participation of so many fans and followers was unbelievable and completely unexpected.

A vital thing to recognize is that OneRepublic, especially for the Honda Civic tour, keeps their concert performances extremely family friendly. There is a different vibe to the area. A more suburban attitude of the people fills the location. This in return creates an enjoyable experience for all. Disappointment is extremely difficult to locate at a concert such as this one, simply because the expectations are always exceeded.

The extravagant performance put on by OneRepublic was a definite crowd pleaser. The sea of diverse people became unified in an elaborate way that is only created through music. Despite the band’s long history of putting on performances, this was one for the books. Overall, OneRepublic created a wonderful, dynamic experience for all those enjoying the music that once brought two people together to start a band.