Your Next Election

Maxwell Plummer, Staff Writer

When asked about the election, most people’s first thoughts go to the 2016 Presidential Election that inspired so much controversy. Many people do not know that elections are happening this year too.

In both Herriman and South Jordan, elections are being held for Mayor and select City Council Members on November 7. The candidates for these elections were the top two candidates in a primary election held in August. Herriman’s primary election made local news when a local polygamist, Joe Darger, announced his candidacy for mayor. He was defeated in the primary with only 11.56% of votes cast.

The clear front-runner in the Herriman Race is Coralee Wessman-Moser (she won the primary with 45.99% of the vote), whose campaign runs heavily on her previous experience as a city council member and involvement with various organizations. Her opponent, David Watts, has organized homeowners against acts by developers and the city government to increase high-density housing. And though Municipal Elections in Utah are nonpartisan, his bio indicates that he is a member of the Salt Lake County Republican Party Executive Board, which may prove to be an asset to conservative voters in Herriman.

In South Jordan, Dawn Ramsey is facing off against Mark Woolley. Ramsey’s campaign focuses on her ability and willingness to work as a full-time mayor in a city which only requires mayors to dedicate few hours (South Jordan’s current mayor, David Alvord, mainly practices as a dentist at Oquirrh Mountain Dental, which he owns). Woolley’s campaign focuses on transparency and emphasizes the importance of planning for the long term. Both candidates wish to limit high-density housing.