The mustang round table

Maxwell Plummer, Staff Writer

The Mustang Round Table sounds like it is straight out of fifth century England. Complete with Knights working to defend Herriman against Silverwolf invaders. Maybe you’ve heard an announcement of these meetings on the announcements (if you even bother to listen to them). In reality, it’s much more droll. Unlike Sir Galahad we do not get to wield longswords or search for the Holy Grail. We don’t get an awesome wizard counseling our leader (unless Ms. Searle is hiding some awesome secrets). So what is it? And why is it a thing?

It’s called the Round Table because at all of our meetings, the desks of the classroom where we meet are organized into a table. And because the name sounds cool for reasons stated above. Each club gains one representative to the group, which Ms. Searle treats as the voice of students. Concerns included long main lunch lines when Orange Chicken is the main dish, which will be solved by having multiple lines (as of now they have multiple lines some days but not all days). Another issue was inadequate cleaning in the girls’ bathroom (of which I have no experience), as well as the lack of dividers for urinals in some of the men’s bathrooms. There were also some concerns for many people with lactose intolerance who are unable to take a milk at lunch and have nothing to drink.

According to Ms. Searle, there is an order in place for dividers, and the milk solution should be solved “by next month.” The other option for a drink at lunch will be either little water bottles or some sort of juice. She is also pushing for an extension of the 2:45 after school siren to 3:00 or 3:30.

So if you have an issue, contact a club officer and ask them to bring it up at the next meeting of the Round Table!