Less mess, less stress!

Kayla Miller, Editor-in-Chief

Stressed over what seems like endless piles of homework, important tests, and due dates that just seem too soon? High school is stressful enough, unorganized thoughts and notes are sure to make it worse. Organization techniques and methods will increase your ability to learn quicker, remember what you have learned, and in turn will help you have better scores on assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, etc. Continue reading and you may be inspired to become more organized this school year.


  1. Keep a planner

What’s the best way to plan for future assignments, projects, and tests? Keeping a planner. Writing down details for important school work will not only help you remember assignments given, it will increase the organization of your ideas and decrease stress.


  1.  Take notes

Whether it be during lectures, class discussions, or otherwise, note-taking is an extremely effective way to remember the material being learned. Note-taking is also a great method of learning because you are always able to revisit the notes you have taken. Keeping notes will help you obtain class material and progress helpful study habits.


  1.   Ask questions

Another way to improve learning and studying skills is to ask questions. The habit is very simple, yet it helps more than any student would think. Asking questions shows the teacher that you care about learning, and it will help you remember the subject more thoroughly.


  1. Go one step further

Take your dedication to the next level by staying after school to make up work you missed, take time to finish projects, receive extra help, find ways to get extra credit, etc. Students who take their education seriously and take the time to improve will always be more organized and will go further with their schooling.

Ideas for becoming more organized are more simple than you may realize. Keeping a planner, taking notes, asking questions, and having dedication are all great ways to stay organized throughout the school year. Less mess, less stress!