Odd jobs are a vital part to Herriman High School’s Hearts of Gold fundraising

Ben Moore, Staff Writer

During the month of December, Herriman High has their annual charity fundraiser, Hearts of Gold. This year, HHS has chosen to partner with Make a Wish foundation in order to make three kids wishes, Dayson(12), Craig(6), and Ember(3). Dayson wants to go to Disneyland and meet Star Wars character Kylo Ren. Craig and Ember both want to go to Disneyworld. Each wish costs approximately $5,000. The fundraising goal is to grant ten wishes, approximately $50,000. Last year HHS raised about $75,000. The total has gone up every year and is only expected to go up this year.

A huge part of this is doing odd jobs. Students go around HHS boundaries, asking to do odd jobs in exchange for a donation. They often brave the cold, angry people, and very rarely, odd jobs. As a student who frequently attends odd jobs, I have very rarely actually done an odd job. Most people are willing to just make a donation, or in rare cases, just decline.

Nathan Tracy, Student Body President, said that Odd Jobs is one of the best experiences you will have at Herriman High. “You see so many humbling situations that really bring you down to earth and make you want to serve more. By going to odd jobs you’ve met kids that will donate anything, parents that don’t donate to a charity that will donate to (odd jobs). By doing this you are able to grant the wishes of our three incredible wish kids.” I echo this statement that odd jobs, if you come with a good attitude ready to serve, will be an amazing experience. Even though it is butt-cold, it is a really amazing experience.

Overall, Odd jobs are an amazing experience and I promise that if you get involved, it will change your life.