Drive through stories

Ashely Hale, Staff Writer

When working at a place with a drive through window can be very strange. Some of the people that come through have very…exciting… personalities, and because of this they make interesting stories. I’m here to share some of those stories.

Lady with the straws: There once was a lady that came through who was very hyper, to say the least. She came in about 5 minutes before we were supposed to close, without even looking at the menu and deciding what she wanted ahead of time she drove up to the window. She then proceeded to look back at the menu for what felt like a very long time. After asking her if she needed help in deciding she kindly replied that she knew what she wanted. She then started to list off the 4 or 5 drinks she wanted and also multiple cookies. By now it was time to close and we were just barely getting her order and there was still two cars behind her. My co-workers and I got the food she ordered out as quickly as we could. She took it all and thanked us. I waited for her to leave, but she didn’t. She then began to ask me of people were scared of a picture on our wall. The picture is a bunch of straws in a cup, looking at it from above so you could see all the small holes. I said no and then asked her what she meant. She then told me a story about how she knew someone who had a phobia of small holes and that it was on a t.v show that she watched. After 2-3 minutes, she finally drove away. We closed 20 minutes late that night thanks to that lady and her phobia of small holes and straws.

The cat lady: A lady pulled up and started to order her drinks. Her husband was sitting in the back seat with their new baby trying to calm it down. Everything seemed normal until suddenly a cat started to try and crawl up the window. I looked at it very confused and asked if that was a cat. They responded that it was and that they liked to bring their cat on car rides. It kept trying to climb out the window so she had to shut it to a crack. I thought it was very strange. It’s very common to see dogs with humans but it’s rare to see cats because of how unpredictable they can be. I happened to be working with my manager and I told her that I saw a cat at the drive through, and all she said was that she hated cats and the fact that there was a cat in the car.

Stoned: This isn’t a specific story but it is very common for people to come through high on weed. Usually they just have the munchies. There was one time that a guy came through and his car smelled like weed, it was quite interesting. It’s always fun for me and my co-workers to try and guess if the person at the drive through is high or not.