East coast snow storms

Lindsey Reyes, A&E Editor

Brutal snow storms are hitting the East Coast with full force. They started in the Gulf of Mexico on January 3rd, and are expected to continue through the weekend. These blizzards are moving at wind speeds of 70 mph and are to 18 inches of freezing snow.


It has been reported that at least 19 people have been confirmed dead nationwide, because of this harsh winter weather. In Akron, Ohio, a 64-year-old man was found dead on his porch, while in Greenup County, Kentucky, exposure killed a man who was found in his camper; which had no heat or electricity.


Flights were cancelled and schools were closed due to this “arctic outbreak”. Wind chill leaves temperatures that are below zero, and many states are on their way to having record-breaking lows. Icy roads and dangerous driving conditions have state authorities urging residents to stay inside and keep off the roads unless absolutely necessary. Utility companies rushed to restore electricity when the storm moved past most of the East Coast on Thursday.


From Massachusetts to Maine, coastal flooding is causing water damage to homes and completely submerging boardwalks. These powerful winds have led to, as said by CBS News, “Some of the worst tidal flooding in four years.”


While there could be a correlation between this severe cold spell and climate change, but scientists aren’t sure of the nature of this relationship yet.