Finding the right fit at JATC

With the application deadline just around the corner, students have lots of questions about what JATC is and if it’s the right fit


At JATC, students work to learn a myriad of skills and trades.

Sofia Jimenez, Staff Writer

The time for Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers applications is rolling in and many students are wondering whether it is right for them.

JATC offers different programs within “pathways,” including Agricultural Education, Health Science, Information Technology, Skilled & Technical Sciences, Teacher Education, and Technology and Engineering Education. These programs allow students to get a head start on their career paths by training and certifying them to perform a specific job.

“JATC has given me a lot of opportunities,” said Aubrey Mills, a Medical Assisting student. “I was able to get a good job because of my participation in the CNA program last year and the Medical Assisting program this year will allow me to get a great job out of high school…It has honestly been a game changer. It has put me in the direction that I want to be and has given me that opportunity to further my career in a field that I’m interested in.”

Programs at JATC are structured to challenge students in ways that classes at Herriman cannot. The classes there offer a hands-on environment where every student is working to learn, and they promote “externships” that offer immersive, real-world experience.

Students at JATC are expected to attend class and are held to a high-grade standard. The workload is large, but for the valiant in heart, JATC pays off.

“JATC was a great opportunity to get away from high school to learn with students more matured and ready to learn,” said Heidi Dawes, a Pharmacy Technician student.

Typically, to study at JATC, students need to have two class blocks each day open in the morning or in the afternoon. Some programs only go for a semester, while others go for a full year, so there are still options for students with busy schedules.

Students need to look carefully into which programs are right for them. Because of the difficulty and popularity of certain programs, an application is required to join them. Many programs also require students to have an internship, which might interfere with extra-curricular activities.

The JATC curriculum is rigorous. In the Pharmacy program, for example, the class works as a team to learn how to fill prescriptions, compound medications and deal with insurance claims, all while studying about how different drugs affect the body.

This type of hands-on education has also helped to create strong working relationships between the class members, as well as the students and the educators.

“I love her, she’s the funniest person I know,” said Ashtyn Wiseman, a Dental Assisting student, about her instructor, Sue Taylor. “She teaches so that we can completely understand everything. She’s super close to us because we spend so much time together. You can tell that she really cares about our well-being.”

At JATC, students only pay for concurrent credits and their books. For example, the Pharmacy Technician program at JATC is $300—to become a certified Pharmacy Technician anywhere else would cost around $18,000. JATC has proven to be a cost-effective way to give students a leg up on their career paths.

Those who are interested should visit the high school’s CTE coordinator, Nancy Lunak, at the career center in the counseling office to learn about what program is the best fit. Applications for programs are due on February 28, 2018, and there is an open house for the JATC North and South campuses on February 15 from 4 to 8 PM.