The Valentine’s debate continues

Kayla Miller, Editor-in-Chief

The day spent either enjoying time with a significant other or eating ice cream in bed with nothing but Netflix for company: Valentine’s Day—the holiday that, love it or hate it, has a big reputation.

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect moment to show someone you love and care about them. Taking time to think about a significant other is more important than most realize. Valentine’s Day is all about making a priority about that certain someone special.

You can take the opportunity to focus on others for the day by displaying your selfless love and kind admiration. Picking out a present or card is always a thoughtful action that tends to bring two people in a relationship closer. Valentine’s Day can be a fun time whether you’re receiving or giving the gifts.

Comparatively, this holiday—though popular—is not loved by everyone. Valentine’s Day can be rough for those without a significant other because it reminds them of what they’re potentially missing out on. The day completely focuses on couples and the romantic relationships between them. Valentine’s Day is centered around loving someone, and that can be difficult if you don’t have a special somebody quite yet. This tradition can also be seen as too stereotypical and even obnoxious.

The majority of people have their own opinion on this holiday. However, Valentine’s Day can be a positive time for anyone, no matter the circumstance. Whether you love it or hate it, you can still buy chocolate and flowers. Find someone to treat, or treat yourself. There are always Netflix and ice cream—and I’ve never seen anyone have nasty hallway PDA problems with those, that’s all I’m saying. Happy Valentine’s day, lovers and lonely loungers.