Study Tips 101

Having some trouble with those mid-terms and finals? Here are some helpful hints to get you test-ready.

Ashley Hale, Staff Writer

Studying for tests can be difficult. It’s not always the first thing you want to do and when you do sit down and start doing it, it can be hard to actually be productive. Here are some tips from a person who absolutely hates studying and has a hard time doing it as well.

Tip #1: Find a comfortable and clear space to work. Make sure it’s quiet and there aren’t distractions like a TV.  Also, make sure you are comfortable with where you are working. The more comfortable you are the less you’re going to want to stop sitting where you are at.

Tip #2: Put on some background music. You don’t want songs that are head-bangers or you will absolutely want to sing along too, just something that helps block things out around you and help you focus on your work.

Tip #3: Take breaks in between. If you finish a really hard section or just feel overwhelmed take a break for a second. Get up and get a snack, or scroll through your Instagram feed. Just make sure that you get back to work and don’t stop for too long.

Tip #4: Have some snacks already around you. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I’m thinking I like to have something to munch on.

Tip #5: Don’t cram too much in at one time. If you look at everything all at once you most likely won’t remember it. Spread it out, this way you won’t have to study for as long and you will feel more prepared.

Tip #6: Give yourself incentives. For example, if you tell yourself “finish this chapter and then you can go hang out with friends,” you will get it done quicker and you will have something to look forward too. Sometimes parents can help out with this one.