Make it a date to remember

Dances are a hallmark of high school-life. With all that pressure, it can be hard to pull them off right.

Kayla Miller, Editor-in-Chief

High school is an important time in anyone’s life, and many of the best moments in high school come from the dances. High school dances are such fun opportunities to go on dates, be with friends, and make memories that will last forever. But how could such a big night go perfectly? Here to help you is a list of major details to focus on when it comes to making sure your dance is planned out to its full potential.

Asking/ answering your date

Asking or answering your date to a high school dance is a fun and exciting opportunity. The internet is full of great ideas to make sure you get to ask the cutest guy/ girl in your class. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a chance and ask someone with an original “promposal” or invitation to one of the dances. Fantastic high school memories are sure to come from participating in such a happy and enjoyable experience.

Get a Group

Planning to go in a group is so much fun and can include all of your friends on the special night of the dance. By going in a group, there are more people to socialize with and everyone always has a good time. Call your friends, plan the night of the dance, and have fun getting to know everyone and their date!

Find a nice dress/suit

There are so many places where finding a dress or suit can be a wonderful experience. Bling it On, Bliss at South Town mall, and Sugar Sweet Dress Rentals are all places that have plenty of beautiful dresses to choose from. Great suits can all be found at Nordstrom Rack, Mr. Mac’s, or Men’s Wearhouse. No matter where you choose to shop for your dress or suit, you and your date will look perfect for the dance. Even going shopping with your date to find your outfits can add to the excitement of the dance experience.

High school dances can be so much fun if you take the time to prepare. Find a creative way to ask/ answer your date, plan a group, and find your perfect outfit. One of the last important details of a school dance is making sure you look good. So watch the dance scene of Napoleon Dynamite, go sew some sleeves on your dress, and get your glamour shots done, Deb.