The Key To Success!

How to get free money the easy way

Hanna Christiansen, Staff Writer

What is Keys to Success? Keys to Success is a Utah based organization that helps Utah students be able to afford college by giving links to scholarships and tuition waivers to certain higher education schools. According to their website, Keys to Success’ biggest sponsors are Ken Garff and Mountain America Credit Union.

How do you sign up? You can easily sign up for KTS through their website, All they need is your name, the year you’re graduating, and the school that you are currently attending. Once you’re all signed up they have you choose a field of work that you are interested in and you will choose five different careers that are related to that field of work. KTS will then show you different scholarships, internships, and tuition waivers to schools that are related to the careers that you said you were interested in.

KTS awards you with points for every scholarship and tuition waiver that you apply to, they also give you an automatic ten points just for making an account with them. Through the points that you get from applying for scholarships, you can easily get coupons and gift cards to places like Thanksgiving Point, Arby’s, R & R Barbeque and many other places.

This program gives students many types of opportunities to receive free money. Through your teachers, you can get a Key Card by reaching a goal that you and your teacher set up on your behalf. The Key Card gives you more points and it also puts you in the drawing for Key To Success’ annual assembly. If your name gets called you will be in the assembly and you will have many different ways to get money for college. They also give away a brand new car to the winning student!