The Evolution of Music

Casey Sterger, Staff Writer

Music is very timeless. A piece from any year, decade, or century can be enjoyed today. However, as time goes music changes. How we listen to it, how it’s made, everything changes. Music often reflects our perspectives, which of course is different from person to person through time. The style and strategies used to make music culminate as a reflection of our reality and come together to make something new and fresh.

Long ago, before society, music reflected nature and the incredible processes thereof. As humanity grew, and we formed cities and nations, once again music changed to adhere to the new reality. Patriotic and often spiritual pieces were popular and common. So forth music grew, adapted, and changed.

However, music we recognize today was most affected by the vinyl recorder. Invented originally in 1860, however, only becoming successful after later improvements. It allowed a production, which before could only be enjoyed in person, at a concert for example. Now could be enjoyed at home. Anywhere, any time, for everybody.

We saw music grow, vinyl turned to tape, then cd, now digital. Music today is everywhere. It’s so much a part of our reality, you could say we need it as much as oxygen. After all, music defines us, we create music to tell a story or invoke emotion. People are storytellers and we need this kind of connection, we need music. Where music will go from here, is up in the air. All we know for sure is that it’s not going anywhere.