IGIST: A New Way of Reading

Emily Lam, Staff Writer

Author, L.S Larson has an enrapturing tale of growth and exploration of self, along with a revolutionary way of reading that can intrigue readers of all ages.

Larson himself isn’t the most conventional writer but he has talent in his ways, working for a company that aims to find a way to incapacitate any dangerous threat without hurting anyone. With his experience in the sciences and the future of technology, it’s not hard to see how he put that passion into a story.

IGIST is his first novel which follows the main protagonist Emi in 100 years into the future and her journey to join the most prestigious science academy that is located in orbiting the moon. All the while a mysterious menace called The Plague that is killing everyone in its path. Emi and band of friends she gains along the way work together to face the trials of trying to cure The Plague.

Now the book isn’t just a book, sure, it has physical copies but the beauty lies in its revolutionizing app that makes reading more engaging to young adults. The app itself is free and available to Apple phones (the android version is close to releasing) which is easy to use and to read his story. And where it is both interacting and rewarding for the reader as they go on.

The story has extraordinary works of art that are spread around the book and e-book that come to life when you click on them. There is also an option to scan the photos of your physical copy and have them come to life off of the screen.

Next is it’s a reward system, every time you finish a chapter you are rewarded with coins and they can be used to buy in-app icons and various other options. Also, once making to certain parts will be rewarded with achievements that all are found on different pages of the is overall extremely interesting and fun to do while following along with the narrative.

The author is currently going on tours around the country to spread the news of his work to incite the youth to learn and to become the generation to reach for the stars. Part of his enticement is prizes and merchandise of his works along with a trip to space in five years time which can be won if you follow along with his tours.

Overall, his story is amazing to read and keeps you interested. Watch out for any sequels or other works by L. S. Larson as he continues pushing for stories to be told in the best of ways.