Lit-Mag Staff Sets Creative Example For Herriman


Kayla Miller, Editor-in-Chief

American poet, Tracy K. Smith expressed, “Literature allows us to be open, to listen, and to be curious.” Out of the many clubs here at Herriman High, one that represents what it means to be open and curious is the literary magazine. The magazine or “Lit. Mag” is a great opportunity to enhance literary skill and poetic value. Submissions have been closed for this year, however, purchasing a magazine to support the club and view examples would be encouraged, especially for those who want to submit in future years.

A literary-art magazine obtains an overflow in value. Advisor, Ms. Wilde explains this by stating, “…it instills an authenticity when it comes to creativity. It makes the creative processes come to life.” Whether through poetry, short stories, articles, music, ceramics, or other creative expressions, the literary magazine wants to see your work! It is the perfect outlet to share your feelings and thoughts with surrounding peers and the community.

Alanna Rogers, the executive editor, comments that obtaining the opportunity to read what everyone is thinking about is her favorite part of being on staff. “The magazine is literally made up of the thoughts, opinions, and heartaches of the students,” she says. It is no wonder why submitting to the magazine is so important. Having such a unifying form of literacy here at Herriman is a unique and appreciated privilege. Wilde also states, “…there are many times we don’t get a chance to see the talents of our peers. The magazine provides a place where students can share their thoughts, concerns, and talents with each other.” She encourages any and every student to submit.

The estimated publication date for the magazine is the end of April and is available for pre-ordering for only $5.00. After the magazine is printed, it will be selling for $7.50. It is most helpful to pre-order as it helps the staff estimate how many magazines they should print. The Herriman High literary-art magazine will only grow from here.