What To Look Forward To This Winter

Top Six Activities To Do This Season

Winter might not be your cup of tea, you might hate it and by the time it is, however, when winter swings around and the joy of Christmas passes, many wish they could ski[p over the next three months, however, there’s more to winter than just dreading it.

Skiing is one thing that you can do during the winter that begins at the end of November and continues until the snow starts melting at the end of April. If you haven’t been skiing and you live in Utah there’s no wonder you are not a big fan of our state. Still, it is an experience that you have a better opportunity than everyone else in our country to do so, with the exception of people who live in Colorado. So give it a shot, chances are it will help you like the cold a little better.

Playing in the snow is something that a lot of people enjoy, even if you don’t particularly like snow. It is very probable that you could get cold and wet, but having a lot of fun sledding with your friends, building snowmen and coming home to a nice warm house, could help to make up for the cold.

Snowmobiling is something for someone who likes to be in the mountains to get an adrenaline rush with having to do a minimum amount of physical work. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then snowmobiling would be perfect for you. The best part of snowmobiling is you can be doing it until the snow melts and the only restriction being how long you can go for with the amount of gas you bring.

Take a date to see the lights in downtown, Salt Lake City. Temple Square is a hot spot for people in the winter. Mid-December to the start of Christmas break is the busiest it will get, but no matter the time you go, the experience you get by going down there is indescribable. Plus there is a lovely feeling down there that makes it nice to be with your crush.

Ice Skating is a classic thing to do during the winter that is fairly easy to get the hang of. There are places such as the Olympic Oval that are open for ice skating year-round, but the ones that are outside are only open in the winter season giving a better winter feeling.  The Gallivan Center is an excellent choice.

Lastly, spending time with loved ones is something that winter brings that makes this time of year more special. This goes along with doing things for the people that you love. Doing these activities during the winter always makes winter more bearable for me and I hope they do the same for you.