Three Fantastic Albums to Listen to During Quarantine

This virus is awful, here are some albums that should help cope.


Photo Credit: Pexels

#1 American Idiot

The great comeback of Green Day’s discography. Not only that but it tells a great story of the crazy United States. Not many people know this but the album is an actual broadway musical and normal album and maybe that’s why it is critically acclaimed by so many. If you want, listen to the album in full and try to follow the story, it’s wild, loud and powerful. The album somehow stays true to its punk rock roots and message of anti-government, typical of a punk band like Green Day. It is an Odyssey of pure rock that should not be overlooked and is very much worth a listen while trapped in your house.

#2 Sea Change, Beck

Beck is an essential alternative artist. He achieved success through his hit song, Loser. From that point, he continued to release other works such as Odelay and Mutations. But those two albums don’t compare when it comes to his 2002 album, Sea Change.

This album displays sad and mellow melodies that sound reminiscent of Radiohead’s album, The Bends. The album has this chill yet bittersweet vibe to it and if you are willing to get into alternative music, this album is a perfect place to start listening.

#3 Dirt, Alice in chains

In the fall of 1992, Alice in Chains released their magnum opus, Dirt. This album along with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, captured the sound of grunge perfectly if not made the genre greater. Tracks like, Would?, Rooster, Them Bones, Down In a Hole emanate a sort of bitter, angry and dark sound that made Alice in chains stand out from Nirvana and Pearl Jam. If you want to start listening to metal music, this should be one of the albums you need to listen to first, it is an icon to not just Grunge and Metal, but music in general. I highly recommend it.