Staying Sane In Times of Hysteria

How to keep yourself from getting depressed, anxious, or bored during Quarantine

In this world of chaos that we currently live in, it is hard to focus on your own mentality, so you forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes the complete opposite happens where we forget to think about others, being so held up by ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself for a little bit a day, as long as you aren’t obsessed with yourself. Taking the focus off of yourself and putting it on the people around you can boost your mental health in ways that worrying about “you” could never do; It’s good to keep balance in our lives. It’s like having a sleep schedule, your body knows when you normally go to bed, so then you know not to stay out too late because that would mess it all up. 

The “Stay at Home” situation is difficult because it is safer to stay inside, meaning that you can’t go out with friends. Being pent up can build a lot of emotions. Talking with your friends over video chat is just not the same as interacting with them in person. A lot of stress, depression, and anxiety are being built up due to the living situation that the globe is being put in right now.

There are numerous things that you can do to make quarantine less of a mental strain. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety and depression is to create new, healthier habits for yourself. This can entail cleaning and organizing more often or personalizing a mild, daily workout for yourself. A few of the things you can do to be overall more active during quarantine is to go on daily walks, bike rides, or even just taking the time to get up and do a few jumping jacks or push-ups every now and then. states that “regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more.”

However, building healthy habits isn’t guaranteed to help with the mental problems you might be struggling with. Even though these are great habits that can help you to feel better and be less stressed out, there are plenty of other options to consider. 

Finding new hobbies is something you can do to keep your mind in a positive state. Some more unique hobbies could include skateboarding, painting, writing, fishing, or hiking. The further away from people your hobby forces you, the better.  

There are also all sorts of things people can do to relieve stress. Working out and cleaning are healthy habits to get into, but there are also so many other options for improving mental health. Writing down the thoughts going through your head is a great way to get the strong emotions you are feeling out in a simpler pattern. Journaling doesn’t necessarily have to entail writing about yourself. Simply writing about anything is very therapeutic for some people.

If writing causes more anxiety than it relieves, then there are other options to consider., You can do anything that catches your attention: drawing, singing, listening to music, watching tv, or doing a puzzle. To truly avoid being stressed, depressed, or anxious, giving yourself time to think about what is going on around you can be the most calming and effective habit to build. Having the time to process what is happening in the world around us really helps to clear your mind of all the negativity that can creep in on a daily basis. Taking time for yourself all around makes you feel more stable.