Newest Utah Covid-19 Updates


Utah has reported 1,245 new COVID 19 cases and 9 additional deaths Thursday, February 11th. Governor Spencer Cox seeks for volunteers in a statewide effort to assist getting Utah’s residents vaccinated against the virus. “We’re going to need you. We’re going to need many of you,” Governor Cox said, to meet the state’s new goal to vaccinate as many adults who want to by the end of May.

That will require Utah to triple the 100,000 doses administered in the past week into April and May. Doctors and medical professionals are being sought to administer shots at mass vaccination sites that are expected to open next month. As of Thursday, 467,720 vaccine doses have been administered in Utah, up to 20, 244 from Wednesday. Utahns can sign up to volunteer at but need to be vaccinated to be eligible to volunteer.

Dr. Angela Dunn, the epidemiologist, warned that Covid-19’s different variants are emerging all over the globe including the new 3 cases in the U.K. and South Africa that have been detected in Utah, are easily transmissible. “Making wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings more important,” Dunn says. In her interviews she says, “I’m confident if we keep doing this as a state, we will see the numbers drop to sporadic by the fall.” 

Utahns who have been vaccinated should continue to take personal precautions and follow the step to slow the spread of the virus, at least for the coming months. Although, 2-weeks after receiving the vaccine, they will no longer need to quarantine if exposed to Covid-19. As people are receiving the vaccine and helping people recover from Covid-19, be mindful of social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands and avoiding large gatherings to prevent further spread of the virus.