Gun Control Policies


The gun control plan that Biden has been speaking about since before he was elected was passed through The House of Representatives last week. The House voted 227 to 203 to approve the expansion of background checks, and 219 to 210 to give federal law enforcement more time to vet gun buyers, and does include a lot more regulations on firearms. This bill will still need to pass through the Senate this week where Democratic numbers are slimmer than in the House.

 Part of President Biden‘s plan is to ban the manufacturing of assault weapons and high capacity magazines which would ruin tons of jobs for Americans working in the industry. note semi-automatic rifles that law-abiding citizens own legally are different from the military use of automatic rifles and are just like semi-auto handguns just in rifle form. Assault weapons are any weapon that accepts detachable magazines and Biden wants to put a $250 federal tax on all “assault weapons.” Some jurisdictions consider a shotgun with a revolving cylinder as an “assault weapon.” Additionally, the President also wants to start a buyback program for semi-auto-assault weapons that are already in our communities. 

Another part of his bill that he is trying to put into effect is limiting citizens to only be able to purchase one weapon a month and some may consider this bill an infringement of the second amendment and may cause some frustration. People buy and sell weapons all the time because shooting is considered a sporting event, families enjoy going out on the weekend and teaching their kids about gun safety. Also there are trap shooting events where they have contests on who can shoot the best with awards for the winner. In conclusion having a monthly limit to the amount of guns a person can purchase would limit their hobbies and their ability to protect their families.