Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

Have you ever heard the term ‘confidence is key’? The meaning of ‘confidence is key’ is the ability to see the best version of yourself and to be the best version of yourself. Self confidence makes one feel better about themself, find one’s self worth, and it pushes them towards achieving their goals. Having self confidence prevents you from feeling negative thoughts towards yours and frees you from self doubt. 

Gaining self confidence can maybe seem overwhelming. Looking at what you have already successfully achieved is very important. If you don’t acknowledge goals you’ve already achieved you will feel incapable of setting and achieving new ones. The people you surround yourself with can make or break your self confidence.  If you have negative people surrounding you they are not gonna support and push you to be your best self compared to if you had healthy positive relationships. Don’t be afraid to say, “no” to people! If you truly do not want to do something or feel its best for you, it’s totally okay to say no. Being assertive is healthy. Protecting and surrounding yourself in a positive environment allows you to grow as a person and gain the confidence you need to achieve. It is very important to build a healthy relationship with yourself. Praise yourself for all you achieve, even if it’s the little things. Being genuinely kind to yourself helps build that healthy relationship. Always challenge yourself, it helps you build yourself as a person and have faith in yourself.

Demeanor is the way others view you as a person. This could be one’s behavior, appearance, attitude or even just energy itself. When we expect someone to be a certain way or do a certain thing determines how we interact with them. People adjust depending on how one sees them. Things that can interfere with your genuine personality are the people you surround yourself with, environment, and situation. Whether the influences you surround yourself with are positive or negative determines the type of demeanor one has. 

Self confidence heavily impacts one’s demeanor. Confidence tends to influence one to make smart and healthy decisions which naturally causes one to surround themselves with positivity which may affect the way one views them.

Being kind to yourself and surrounding yourself with a positive influence can make you capable of incredible things.