Nixon Strong Foundation and Childhood Cancers


As Herriman High entered Hearts of Gold season, we collaborated with the Nixon Strong Foundation to foster growth and benevolence in the Mustang Nation. Now that Hearts of Gold is upon us- let us learn more about the NGO we partnered with year.


Nixon Strong Foundation is devoted to supporting children with cancer and their families. It specializes in the treatment and financial support for childhood cancer.


Nick and Janessa Whatcott launched their NGO after their child Nixon’s osteosarcoma diagnosis in 2018. Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer that primarily affects young adults and children. Though survival rates vary based on gender, age, and type of treatment, today, three out of four patients beat osteosarcoma if the cancer is detected early. 


After his diagnosis, Nixon underwent a rotationplasty (a surgical procedure to treat bone tumors in children) to remove his left femur. Nixon and his family persevered through the precariousness and emerged with a new goal. They wanted to provide grants and financial help to those in need of assistance. 


Though childhood cancer is rare, it is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy. According to National Cancer Institute, the most common cancers are Leukemia, brain and CNS tumors, malignant bone tumors, and neuroblastoma. 


Before the establishment of the Affordable Care Act, cancer was deemed a pre-existing condition. These insurance policies discouraged families from obtaining much-needed help for Childhood Cancer Survivors (CCS). Unfortunately, even today, many people face social and economic barriers to access to healthcare. So intervention NGOs like the Nixon Strong Foundation help decrease cancer mortality significantly.


And with the widening gap between social classes, it becomes harder to afford healthcare. The National Cancer Institute concluded that people who experience persistent poverty in the United States have higher mortality rates from cancer. These social conditions, combined with the current economic decline from the pandemic, make it apparent that NGOs are indispensable in relieving the cancer burden in the United States. Nixon Strong Foundation excels at combating these wealth disparities by allowing individuals to nominate children in need of financial assistance.


We must wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to this cause so we can watch charities like the Nixon Strong Foundation flourish and touch the hearts of many other cancer patients. Visit the Herriman High website for more information about volunteer and donation opportunities.