To Infinity and Beyond!

What’s the meaning of the new theme ‘Beyond’?


Image credits: Hillary Williams

We all know and adore the classic line, “To Infinity, and Beyond.” from the movie Toy Story. It was the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, the determined Space Ranger, reaching for more significant heights. In the movie he expresses going beyond what he thinks is achievable and it benefits him and his friends. Knowing this we can see what the SBO’s were trying to tell us for the upcoming school year with the theme ‘Beyond’. 

As we learned in the assembly on the 22nd of August, the word ‘Beyond’ has become the Herriman High theme for the 2022/2023 school year. But what does this theme mean for Herriman and what is the big deal behind the word ‘Beyond’? Besides a brief speech, we didn’t get much information on the theme. Curious about what else the theme means, the SBO’s were interviewed for their take on it. 

A question that many had was how the theme originated. According to the SBOs, the theme was born at USULC, a leadership conference at Utah State University. Through a lengthy process of elimination, the SBO’s finally landed on this theme for the year. 

Ella Reading, the Sophomore Class President said, “We were trying to find a theme that doesn’t just focus on one point but has a lot of things and really touches on unity and coming together.” This left the students with many options for theme ideas, one of the most significant ones was ‘Beyond The Image’ pitched by our SBO President, Malosi Brown. Considering the fact that all the themes before were just one word, they had to shorten it. Last year’s theme was the word ‘Live’ and it was a positive experience for everyone. For that reason, they picked the word ‘Beyond’. The purpose was to pick a theme that could greatly influence students’ lives and help benefit this school year. 

Alyssa Jacobsen the cheer SBO declared, “We felt it would have a big impact on this school year, in making it the best year ever!”

One significant inquiry was how the theme will impact us as students. Hallie Stevenett, the Sophomore Class Service Officer remarked, “As students, we can apply it by reaching out to others and by inviting people…We’re trying to get everyone together and treat everyone with kindness.” A big intention of this theme is to improve student attendance at activities and create an inviting atmosphere. With this theme, they want our school to be a community rather than just a collection of students. 

Another part of the theme’s purpose and meaning is embracing students who may not be as included or welcomed. Hallie Stevenett touched on this when she said, “Let’s apply these [students] to our community and make them feel welcome.” What will the theme mean for the upcoming school year? A big focus of the theme was to continue with our high-achieving academics, sports, and performing arts. 

Good performance also comes with struggles. With the pandemic in hindsight, we are striving to look beyond that. Cannon Tidwell, the Sophomore Class Spirit explained, “You can see it as moving beyond past obstacles such as Covid and our sports teams last year. But for me, it’s just moving on and pushing and making it a better year than it was last year.” 

The goal for this school year is to push our limits in academics, sports, and performing arts. To go beyond what we think is possible and strive for success. We want to include everyone and treat every student with the kindness and respect they deserve. The desire is to make this school a community of students who are all positively benefiting one another. To go above and beyond with our kindness and academics.