The Stampede Section: The Place to be on a Friday Night

Hundreds of feet stomping. Voices in unison cheering on our team. Bodies crammed together trying to get a view of the field. So many teenagers all sharing the same enthusiasm. 

The Herriman High student section aka the “Stampede Section” fills up very early on game day and it’s hard to get the perfect seat. That doesn’t matter much though, because they are on their feet the whole night. Even with parents on one side of them and the marching band on the other, the students can still clearly be heard as they scream along with cheers and chants. 

Usually led by the SBOs, there are many different cheers the students know. One of the coolest things about the student section is yelling along with your friends and getting pumped up. Every once in a while you can hear a chorus of “You can’t do that!” after our opponents are penalized. The cheers make the game all the better by developing the rivalry between schools and fans. 

You all grow closer together and boundaries fade away while everyone is just so excited to be at the game and to be socializing. 

Socializing is realistically the biggest reason people come to the football games. Sometimes they watch the field for a few moments but usually, teenagers are just talking to their friends and joking around. The student section provides the perfect opportunity for you to hang out with people you already know as well as letting you meet different kids from our school.

Kenna Lambert, a senior, said that she likes being in the student section “because it’s dope” but also noted that “sometimes [she] can’t see the game which is kind of annoying”. Her sentiments are mirrored by a lot of students who agree that while it’s fun, the number of kids crammed into the stands can make it difficult to focus on the game or to even see it at all. 

Dealing with the crowds is a small price to pay to be part of something as exciting as going to the football game and sitting with all of the people you know from school. The student section brings Herriman High together and is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and expand your friend group. It gives a sense of belonging and acceptance to everyone there and as they cheer for Herriman it builds new bonds and brings everyone together. Be sure to clear your Friday nights because you don’t want to miss the last few games of the season.