New Dress Code?

New Dress Code?

The school board is coming up with a new dress code. This contains some facts about dress code including what the Principal has to say.


A school’s dress code is very controversial. Dress codes are believed by some to promote a more serious school atmosphere. Many people believe schools shouldn’t be able to limit the unique expression of students such as hair, clothing, and accessory choices.. Although boundaries are proven to be healthy, I think a student should be able to wear whatever they’d like as long as it is not offensive, they feel comfortable in it.. A strict dress code does more harm than good. Not only is it upsetting to students and usually takes them out of their learning environment, but it is also notorious for targeting women and violating people’s personal beliefs.


Dress codes feed sexism. Girls dress code standards are often more rigorous than boys. Students come to school to learn, not to be sexualized. 


Schools in the United States today have become more lenient and understanding of social norms. Clothes that would have been decried before are slowly getting accepted. Although there is always room for improvement we should appreciate how far we have come.


A lot of teachers feel uncomfortable implementing dress codes and I can see why. It’s a very delicate thing to discuss. I think with a lighter dress code it would be less uncomfortable for both the teachers and the students because there would be fewer regulations to enforce and the violations that did occur would be obvious and therefore wouldn’t cause controversy.


Many students are concerned about why the dress code is suddenly being enforced more strictly. Our principal stated that last year, “the highest priority was getting kids back into school. Back into classes… we stopped worrying about hats”. However, he also says that the district has currently been reevaluating the dress code and that the school is going to pick their battles and the dress code will be more in line with today’s culture. 


When asked when the dress code is going to be put in place he said, “right away”. Students need to be prepared for a new enforced dress code. I believe this year will be pretty flexible with the dress code but if you personally have an issue with the dress code when it is enforced contact the school board.