“Donda” Vs “Certified Lover Boy”: Which is the Better Album?


The battle between the two best albums released in 2021 is “Donda” by Kanye West, and “Certified Lover Boy” by Drake. I will be comparing the two and how well their albums did. Kayne did not have any features, but he did very well on his own. Drake and his features might have made his production the album of the year. 


“Donda” Vs “Certified Lover Boy” are both amazing albums that have outstanding features that include artists like Jay-z, Travis Scott, Future, Young Thug and many more, but I don’t like their album covers. West’s album cover is just a black square and Drake’s cover  is multiple pregnant women emojis. I found Drake’s cover album very weird and Kanye’s very bland. That’s just my opinion on the albums, but let’s talk about their music. I’ll start with Drake’s album. 


Drake’s album has amazing songs. He made “IMY2” with Kid Cudi. The beat sounds very pretty with Kid Cudi, and the lyrics just match the vibe of the song. It is definitely one of his songs within the album, although it starts to get repetitive. But one that doesn’t get repetitive is “You Only Live Twice.” Lil Wayne and Rick Ross really complemented Drake’s voice. But possibly his best song with a feature would be “Fountains.” Tems did an amazing job with the background music. Overall the album is an 8/10.


Kanye is a lyrical genius; he does not filter or add anything to his songs that have no meaning. Every song in his album has a great rhythm, and every song has a unique story, Besides the album’s opening song, “Donda Chant,” which is two minutes of a woman saying “Donda” in a unique chant-like beat. But the meaning behind it is pretty significant with the passing of his mom. But even without the meaning you can still enjoy his songs. One song I really enjoyed was “Praising God.” the way he expresses himself through that song really makes you gain perspective on how he feels. The best and worst part of his album is the lack of features he has. He could have made some great collaborations  but by himself he still did an amazing job overall it is a 9/10.