Herriman High’s Student-run Clubs, Bands, and Businesses

An introduction of a few of the student run businesses, clubs, and bands here at Herriman High.


Believe it or not, Herriman High has many student run clubs and bands. Most students that have their own business are making a good profit as well. Student started clubs are doing well, still going strong, and more are popping up every year. Many people looking to start a band are even starting to use the school bulletin boards to advertise themselves.

KYTCH for instance just recently put up their posters in search of others interested in joining a band. Stephen said that his motivation for starting a band was last year’s battle of the bands. He told us that while watching the bands compete last year it inspired him to do the same. For the bands unique name, Stephen said that he wanted the band’s name to have an old English feel to it but to be spelt entirely with consonants. The end result being KYTCH.

Last year, John Hughes started the GEO club (Green Earth Organization) because he felt like there was so much to be done for our school and no one was stepping up to do it. John said that it was definitely hard in the beginning, but over the course of many meetings things got easier to manage and run. Some of the struggles that he was met with were planning events and making sure they happened on time. Needless to say, the club was a great idea with 65 current members and the interest others have shown in it.

Over this recent summer break, Whitney Magnum started their own retail arbitrage business. Retail arbitrage, according to Seller App—a website with a complete guide to retail arbitrage—it is, “A seller purchases products from a retail outlet at a discount and sells these discounted products for a profit.” Whitney buys and sells vintage/antique clothing, nick-nacks, books, and occasionally furniture to a list of sellers around the valley both in person and via the internet using KSL Classifieds, Depop, and Poshmark. 

They started getting into reselling clothes last year after seeing that their favorite stores would buy back clothes and wishing to get rid of things they no longer needed due to their growing minimalist lifestyle. After selling their clothes back to different stores a few times, they decided that they fell in love with reselling and the culture of retail arbitrage. 

This summer, Whitney really perfected their business process and has made over $500 dollars over the summer through this. They explained, “I have figured out the places to get the best clothing for the cheapest prices and have been studying fashion patterns and vintage brands for the past year. I even learned how to mend clothing and furniture to get a higher yield for the item.” This business idea is both entertaining and accessible to high school students who have cars. It seems as though it’s better than a boring fast food job anyway.

As you can see there are many student run businesses, clubs, and bands here at Herriman high. All of these students started out with an idea and simply put it into motion. These are just a few of the many students at Herriman High that are doing what they love and following their dreams.