Caffeinated peanut butter hits shelves

Have you ever wished that you could enjoy your favorite snack and have it reward you even more by giving you a burst of energy? Well, just when you thought the world was already an amazing place with all the sugary energy drink options we have, and all of the coffee shops on every corner, the brilliant minds from STEEM created caffeinated peanut butter that not only satisfies your hunger, but also supplies you protein, electrolytes and the ability to focus.

You could eat a spoonful, or simply spread it on some toast or crackers. It’s a product that takes into consideration the busy lives of consumers, and plays that to their advantage. Cramming for a test tomorrow morning? Why not have a little snack that will also give you some extra energy? Pre-workout snack? STEEM will definitely get you going. But whatever you do, don’t feed any to your pets. It’s a bad idea all around and that’s why we still have Jiff.

While it isn’t available in stores here in Utah, you can order your own jar of caffeinated heaven online through the STEEM website, or even through our good friend