Goosebumps entertains and frights

Zaina Abujebarah
Goosebumps took over the box office this past weekend and it’s no surprise the creepy, yet hilarious film made viewers scream with delight.

Teenager Zack (Dylan Minnette), a city-life native, is forced to move to the suburbs with his mother. He soon becomes infatuated with his neighbor Hannah (Odeya Rush), a homeschooled girl with an overprotective father, R.L. Stine (Jack Black).

“The two have a sweet flirtation, but the bulk of this movie is a jam-packed pop-up book in the form of computer-generated imagery. Zack and his dorky sidekick Champ (Ryan Lee) inadvertently unleash Slappy the Dummy, who in turn sets loose his fellow fictive hordes, and “Goosebumps” becomes your standard kids cavalcade,” according to The New York Times.

The monsters of R.L. Stine’s novels are soon released into the small Delaware town, causing chaos all night. The main characters are forced to find a way to put the crazy creatures back into the novels, and to save the lives of everyone in the town.

“The conceit behind Goosebumps — books/games/movies open up and the beasts inside them wreak havoc on our world — isn’t exactly new, and it could easily become tiresome or cloying. But the movie never pauses long enough to let us get bored or annoyed. It has the feel of a story being spun before our very eyes — fast, funny, and, yes, even frightening,” said

Jack Black was hysterical in the film. Firm and intimidating at first, but shows his characters caring and funny side throughout the film. All the actors did a fantastic job making their characters seem like real people that viewers cared for and loved.

The movie was extremely entertaining- everything from action, romance and humor. It was refreshing to have a movie with good, clean humor and an entertaining cast. It even had a small appearance by R.L. Stine himself. The film definitely gave audiences everywhere goosebumps.