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Football rushes towards playoffs

Katie Maddox

Katie Maddox

Mattie Hunter and Megan Flint

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Another year of Herriman High football has come to an end.

This year the Herriman High football team has done incredibly well, due to Coach Pearce, and his assistant coaches, as they work to bring the team together as a whole.

“You can’t succeed with just star players; everyone plays a part,” Coach Jeff Wilson explained.

With that mindset, Herriman football players are able to take that understanding into their hearts, and onto the field.

Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice are the least of what every player is expected to commit at every practice and every game.

“Nothing is given to you‒you have to go out and earn it. That’s what leads to success,” Kenton Mcpeak (‘15), varsity football player, said.

With a brotherhood like the Herriman football team, it’s not hard for the players to get up and motivate themselves and their teammates everyday.

“When you practice that hard, you bond with your team and there’s not a better feeling than that [football brotherhood],” Jake Reynolds (‘16), JV/varsity football player explained.

That hard work and dedication has definitely paid off this year as we are 7-3 and heading towards the playoffs.

Sixth in state and third in region, Herriman High football team is eager and excited to show that they are stronger and better than ever for this year’s playoffs.

Herriman football players all agree that their goal is state, whether or not it happens this year, or in future years to come.

“We [Herriman Football Team] have a great chance for triumph this year because we are motivated by last year’s loss. We will go far in playoffs as much as we decide to,” Wilson said.

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  1. Jaydon Goodrich on October 29th, 2014 11:44 am

    This article is very well written. Great job, Mattie and Megan.


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Football rushes towards playoffs