The trend of facial hair and man buns

Hannah Porter and Mattie Hunter

There’s Jensen Ackles, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and many others who represent the new Facial Hair fad of the 2012’s to present day.

According to Allan Peterkin, author of “One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair,” the beard has always been a powerful, yet controversial social symbol.

“It’s only recently that men had a choice about their facial hair. In the Victorian Period, certain beards or sideburns were the badge of a gentleman or maybe a sportsman,” he said.

According to CNN, in earlier periods, the climate was more severe. Alexander the Great actually banned beards so they wouldn’t get grabbed in combat. Several rulers, including King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Peter the Great enforced a “beard tax,” making it an indicator of affluence and and social status.

An event with facial hair has hit closer to home, with the BYU beard ban story making it’s way around the country. According to the Daily Herald, Brigham Young University has an honor code, which states different rules for behavior, dress, and grooming, one of which states no beards are allowed, except for medical reasons, different religions, and theatrical performances.

As beards and facial hair have grown more popular over the years, people have also taken an increasing interest in facial hair and growing an opinion of it.

“Beards remind me of all things masculine and strong, even if the man wearing it is neither of those things,” said Erin Toland from ELLE Magazine.

In our opinion, that statement is all kinds of true. Beards can take a man from looking like a young frat boy to looking like David Beckham– definitely a good change.

However, maintaining and grooming beards/facial hair is extremely important. It’s the perfect combination of rugged and being put together.

There is, however some disagreement on the whole man-bun thing, which seems to go hand-in-hand with beards. Some (like Hannah Porter) like the idea of the man-bun in certain instances, such as with a controlled beard and scruff. Others (like Mattie Hunter) don’t like them at all.

There’s definitely different views on facial hair and man buns, but one thing is for sure, this trend is keeping strong, and it probably won’t disappear anytime soon.