Tennis makes its way to State

The sun glints off of the racket as she swings it hard.  The tennis ball reflects off the strings, just out of her opponents reach. Courtney Davis has made it to state. The Herriman High Girls’ Tennis team is serious about attending the state championship and has sent girls to it every year. This year the excitement is high. Megan Quinn, singles player, won all but one of her games this season. She confidently recalled, “I kind of knew we were going to state based on our season, but it was really nice to know that all our hard work had paid off.” The girls tennis team has been very successful this season and looks forward to doing better in the years to come.  

“Let’s go!” the team shouts in response to Coach Linda Richmond as they pile into the bus. The team celebrates their victories by partying on the bus ride home.  They sing their hearts out to “Party in the USA” and Justin Bieber songs.  Herriman High School roots for the girls back home, knowing they will dominate at state.