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Last minute holiday gift ideas

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It’s already late December? Where did the time go? Frantically you scour the Internet, but to your utter horror none of the gifts you consider will arrive in time. Fear not, for there’s no need to start kissing your friends goodbye just yet. There are many nifty, quick gifts you can whip up just in time to surprise your family, friends, or that special someone.

Home Baked Goods – These are sure to please any recipient. They’re genuine, relatively cheap, and if you have a stocked pantry, don’t require leaving the house. You can stay in your pajamas! Consider giving a plate full of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or truffles.

Crochet or Knit a scarf – If baking isn’t your forte, then it’s time to get crafty! A whole ball of yarn costs around $4.00, great for us penny pinchers. The recipient won’t be quick to forget this sentimental gift.

Take them out to dinner – It makes people happy when you spend time with them and treat them to their favorite meal.

Video Games – I know what you’re thinking: haven’t video game prices begun to compete with those of college tuition? With the holiday season rolling around, popular providers such as Steam have massive promotions that come just in time to save your bacon. No shipping needed!

Gift Card – Most people seem to conveniently forget what they want when the gift giving season arrives. A gift card allows them to splurge on whatever their heart desires. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them not liking a present or already owning it!

Personalized cards – A way to be sentimental and a put a smile on someone’s face. Pair it with a baked good or a gift card! Candy, and lots of it – Almost anything can be a good gift, if candy is involved. Fill socks with candy, or any container that strikes your fancy.

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Last minute holiday gift ideas