Pro vs Con: Minimum Wage

Con (Taylor):

In the middle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s tyrannic rule over the common folk he issued another egregious violation of his constitutional duty to serve the American people. In the midst of his “New Deal” to improve the quality of our lives, he issued a mandate upon the wronged business folk of this country, minimum wage. He forced a baseline wages that the American economy is still recovering from. He incited rebellious unions into demanding more concession upon the industries already caught the deepest recession our great country has ever been in. He encouraged the development of a population that dangled off the lapels of the respectable folk of America. By seizing additional power from the states, over the management and execution of their assets, supposedly to provide, “a necessary and benign living standard”, for all of America’s citizens Roosevelt deliberately broke his oath to serve and protect all Americans.

If that it not enough for a portion of American dissidents that want more pay for less work, they then demand that their standard of living is no longer acceptable, and that the federal government, specifically the President, is personally responsible to fix it. Not content to clamber up the chain they placed on the Statue of Liberty, they instead demand that they be given priority over tenured workers, and climb over the corpses of small businesses that they personally dismembered. By demanding that rungs be removed from the established system of working for everything you want, they want to cut in the proverbial lunch line. With no concern for the already unemployed, this minimum wage rabble want the government to force more people out of their homes so that they have more room to stretch.

A direct reaction to the already illegal wage oversight, is that people making a decent wage are forced out of their positions, by workers that promise that they will work harder because they make more. If they are able to work hard why are they not doing so already? Do they not care about their work? Are they making a statement with their low productivity, or are they simply unable to be productive members of society? A company should have the right to decide who they hire and what they pay them. What supporters of minimum wage forget to mention is the internal pessimism in their workers. Already handed exactly what they want, they view it with fear, unable to leave their couches for fear of the unknown. Other workers recognizing that they do not want to remain at a minimal level of income look at the wage and decide to press past it and move on. Meanwhile the worker wasting his chance to exceed what he is today, calls out to anyone who listens, griping about the unfairness of the system they forced on the American patriot.

Pro (Max):

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, possibly the greatest president in America’s triumphant history, passed a plethora of laws that brought prosperity to the American people during his time as commander in chief. The most important of these actions was the enacting of a national minimum wage which helped give the lower class, which had been neglected for so long, a fighting chance to survive in America’s capitalist society. FDR had to fight against a powerful group of self-centered corporate bigheads who did not wish to pay their workers a livable wage and conservative politicians getting paid under the table, yet in the end he prevailed.

Since that glorious moment in 1938, the debate over minimum wage has continued to take a front and center position on America’s political stage. With every attempt that has been made to increase the minimum wage the opposition has been ready to battle. For these large corporations do not view their workers as people, but as dollar signs. Every time they must pay a worker more they don’t see a mom that can now afford to feed her children or a man who can now put a roof over his head. They simply see a loss of potential profit. These corporate executives, getting paid millions of dollars a year, are willing to wage a war against the well being of their very own employees just so they can simply fill their own pockets with more cash.

These greedy millionaires are the very reason why a minimum wage law is necessary. If these fat cats simply has a little heart and were willing to pay their workers what they are entitled than there would be no reason for governmental involvement. Sadly that will never happen. So the government must continue to regulate and increase minimum wage to insure the well being of America’s lower class. For despite what these companies and conservative politicians may want, we will not let the poor of our country be neglected again.