iPhone X: innovative or overpriced?

Lindsay Reyes, Editor and Chief

Apple is back at it again with not one, not two, but three new iPhones. The iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone 8 came out on September 22th, and the iPhone X was released on November 3rd, and the unlike the usual September release, the iPhone X came out two months later, and hopefully it was worth the wait. Unfortunately, it’ll be hard to buy these phones on a high school student budget, as the iPhone X alone stands at a whopping $1,000.

The iPhone X, also known as the iPhone 10, is entirely screen. Good luck fitting this iPhone into your jean pockets, as it is 5.8 inches of retina display. It is also completely made of glass on both the front and back side, making it twice as likely that you’ll shatter your phone’s screen.

The home button and touch ID are tossed to the side as Apple introduces InDepth facial ID. Facial ID is going to be used for everything: unlocking the phone, making purchases, revealing and receiving notifications and messages. The machine used for the face ID is smart enough to recognize little changes in your appearance. So, if you decide to try growing a beard or chop off your hair, you’ll still be able to unlock your phone.

Dual lense cameras feature higher quality pictures. When taking selfies, the phone will automatically slightly blur the background to make the foreground look sharper. New studio effects will leave your selfies looking fresh, with different kind of light filters adapting to your face and surroundings.

Apple wireless charging is also now an expensive reality. All three of the iPhones released can be charged via an Apple charging pad. All you’ll need to do is set your phone down on the pad, no need to deal with the hassle of plugging it in. Don’t worry though, these phones still include regular usb and outlet charging, with a lightning connector included.

All in all, the iPhone X is going to be a beautiful, sleek, futuristic smartphone. But is it better than it’s competition? And is it worth it? The Samsung Galaxy Note S8, released April 21st of this year, also has an edge-to-edge display, facial ID, wireless charging, and two fingerprint sensors. To top it off, this android smartphone is $70 less than the iPhone 10. While both phones have their own pros and cons, we’ll have to wait to see which one is better.