Things not to do on a date

Morgan Beckstead and Ivy Kelsch

We know that all you high schoolers think that you have the art of seduction down but I’m here to tell you that it’s all in your head. Most boys (not men) think that sending erotically charged pictures of yourself will get you everywhere. In reality, we are laughing at you and telling everyone because it’s funny and all us girls like to make you the butt of our jokes about you sending us those pictures. You like to brag to your friends that you get all the girls, we know its a lie. We have spoken with these girls and how they have rejected you. Here is some life advice on how to not be rejected on the first date:

Step 1: Be a gentlemen. Go up to the door and get your lady, don’t just honk the horn or send a text that you are here. Also open the doors for her, treat her a lady and use deeply hidden chivalry skills.

Step 2: Don’t make her do all the talking, try to be engaging without making yourself seem better than you actually are.

Step 3: Don’t expect her to pay. If you asked her out then it is your responsibility to pay and if she asked you then it’s her responsibility.

Step 4: Try to be a wimp and wait and wait on her to make the first move. If you are unsure about the signals then just go it and if it is not appreciated then you know it was not meant to be.

Step 5: When being the kind gentleman and walking her to her door DO NOT be that blockhead who asks the girls to rate how it went.