We’re all bored, here’s what you can do about it!

Due to Covid-19, everyone is quarantined and chances are you might be going a little crazy, so here’s some things you can do to stay productive.

Get your exercise! Going on a walk or a run can keep you healthy and help you stay active during a time when it’s easy to sit down all day. When you stay healthy you’ll feel much better and it’s easier to stay productive and find motivation when we get exercise and stay physically fit. If you go with somebody else still make sure to maintain social distance! 

This one may seem obvious, but keep up with your online schoolwork. You may need to try a new way of keeping up with everything like a planner, checklist, or a to-do list for every day. For a lot of people this seems like it’s just an early spring break, but don’t get in that mindset or you will get behind and get to a point where you feel stuck. This time in our lives is very stressful as it is and since we have plenty of time to keep up we should take advantage of it because we don’t need any added stress from school.

Learn a new skill! It’s obvious everyone is saying things like this and it’s super vague, but it’s different for everybody so hopefully, there’s something for everyone. One idea is to develop a new musical talent! Learn to play guitar, piano, ukulele, etc. and learn to sing along with your instrument. You can also work on a big art project like a painting you’ve been wanting to start, or paint a wall mural. One last idea is to learn how to bake something new. It’s a great talent to have (especially if you can do it on a budget) and your family will love it too!

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea of something you can do while you’re stuck at home, and if not, think about a goal you’ve had that you haven’t ever had time to focus on. Best of luck to everyone in this chaotic time, and stay healthy, and stay home!!!